Project Title:

House of Photographer



Site Area:

1.042 m2

Built-Up Area:

350 m2

Start of Planning:


Construction Period:



420.000 Euro



House of Photographer

Weidling/Lower Austria


House of a photographer lies in Weidling, which is a little suburb of Vienna. The plot is in the deepest point of a narrow valley. Because the sun disappears behind the hill after 1 p.m. during winter, lightning concept determined the design intent. The abrupt level drop of 4 meters between the plot and the street shaped the spatial sequence and way of living.  


Nearly every living space is oriented to the south. The south façade is transparent compared to the other facades. The northern façade keeps only three small openings. The privacy and climate conditions took hardly influence on this processing. The house enters into release with its whitewashed unadorned and simple structure.

Living Spaces…

The main entrance of the house is situated on the street level. In this level only the entrance. You can walk from the stairs down to the living room and kitchen. A terrace extends the living room out towards the garden, which was expressly owner’s integration request. In basement floor there is also a working room with a bathroom. This room is acts also as a guestroom if necessary. Under the garage platform you can find a wine cellar, storage and technical units.

All of the bedrooms are located in the 1st Floor, which are facing south and have a garden view. There are two bathrooms for the daily use of the family. One of them is integrated to the master bedroom. This level is 90 cm. above the street level to create also a barrier and give the family privacy. The 2nd floor is a second living room for the family, especially for the short days in winter. They can enjoy the sun rays through the big inclined window area.