Project Title:

Aspat Termera Sun&Sail



Site Area:

54.177 m2

Built-up Area / Terraces:

12.000 m2 / 2.227 m2


Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool, Biotope, Restaurant, Tennis court, Guest Rooms (78 Rooms & 90 Bungalows & 534 Beds)

Start of Planning:


Total Costs:

~10,5 Million Euro




Adventure and Water Sports

The Aspat Termera Project, which will be built on the 54-decare land and the 12-decare park area inside the Aspat Bay – one of the last spots that conserved its natural beauty on the Bodrum Peninsula –, provides unique services for sailing tourists.  The existing trees and plantation have been protected within the scope of the project.  Furthermore, the protection of the natural structure of the area has been aimed by keeping the number of buildings lower than equivalent construction values.

Aspat was a port city in the Lelegian period, and it still retains its port characteristics.  The project involves shelters in which 15-meter-long sailboats, or yachts, can be accommodated.  They are integrated with the river mouth, Azmak.  This large piece of land has been equipped with a limited number of special rooms and luxury bungalows.  Moreover, recreation areas in the facility have also been designed quite large.  The facility includes many possibilities for sports in nature. 

The facility also has a wide beach area where visitors can enjoy a unique beauty under private conditions without being disturbed.


The facility can be entered through a plaza from the middle of the road that follows the western axis of the property.  The plaza is surrounded by the Lobby building and other social service buildings (restaurant, a la carte restaurant, activity and conference rooms, amphitheater and swimming pool).  The foyer structure is 950 sqmt large on two storeys and connects the road level to the garden level. 

The capacity of the social facilities has been calculated for both residents and visitors from neighboring facilities, and thus large spaces are allocated.  As the facility has been designed particularly for sailing tourism and water sports, the port characteristics of the river mouth has been used to create small coves in which up to 40 sailboats of 15 meters long can be accommodated.  There are two cafeterias by the Azmak River to serve special food and beverages to the sailboats. 

Because the general concept is about water and nature sports, a great many sports fields have been planned within the facility.  Some of these are a walking track of 1,050 meters, a beach volleyball court, tennis courts, a basketball court, a climbing wall and an adventure park, a roller skates and skateboard park, a golf practicing field and a bocce field.


Two different concepts of guest rooms have been planned for the facility.  The first concept involves more luxuriously equipped bungalow style suits that can respond to special needs.  These rooms have been designed as two-storey structures with two separate rooms, which allows a more comfortable stay for families with children.  Each bungalow has a total area of 90 sqmt, including its terrace.  Some bungalows have been arranged around the coves where the sailboats will be landing so that the boat owners can directly walk into their rooms from their boats.  Out of 90 bungalows, 18 have been placed in this way. 

The second type is composed of 76 VIP comfort rooms situated inside 2 and 3-storey blocks of buildings.  All of the rooms look out onto the sea or the Azmak.  Each room has a net usable area of more than 48 sqmt, including the terraces and balconies, so that services can go beyond standards.  The width of the rooms is 4.40 meters.  In addition, bathroom and toilet areas are separated for privacy and comfort of the couples.