Project Data


HIDDEN - Private Bath for Aspat Beach


ASPAT Solida Beach A.S.

Site Area

2400 m2

Built-up Area:

12 m2

Start of Planning:


Construction Period:


Total Costs:

25.000 Euro




Private Bath for Aspat Beach

ASPAT is one of the most beautiful bay of Bodrum peninsulas, which is located on the west-southern part. Beside its fascinating natural beauty there is a two thousand years old antic city around the mountain ASPAT. At the coast, you find also a beautiful is masonry stone house, which belonged to Cretan Arap Agha once a time. The bay gets to a big studio yearly for two weeks, in which many artists like painters, sculptors, and performers, can perform their talents on the open air.

The challenge was to put a new small facility for this old house to give the guests needed services which are lingering in the unique scene on the beach and in the garden. Many guests need a bath and chancing room after having sun bath or swimming to use. Even a small unit beside or in near this old stone building could compete with this historical house or could even destroy the idyllic picture.

The successful design idea was to put it as the extension of the curved stone walls, which are the dominating part of the landscape. It can be regarded as a landscape incision and an invertion. The bath sinks into the earth and in the history of the place. The facility becomes to a natural part of the landscape. From the road side which is skirting the topography over the hill you see only a small opening for skylight.  So if you go upside to the garden you get the feeling the walls going thought the landscape and inserting into the hill without any interruption.

10 square meter big facility is as a bath and restroom for the guests. A building, which is not rising in the sky, is also a new conceivable architectural strategy for the cemented Turkish coasts.