Kiler Group / Biskon İnşaat

Site Area:

72.500 m2

Built-up Area:

~ 190.000 m2

Start of Planning


Total Construction Costs:

~75.000.000 EURO




A huge site about 72.500 square meters defines the planning area of KILERKENT project. In the last decade there are many huge residential areas in Istanbul. Many of them is away from and monotony facilities. KilerKent can combine 1000 reflects the world of modern architecture in Turkey. The project is unusual in contrast to the plan and the facade of order and uniformity that does not allow people to live in these buildings in Istanbul, an architectural style designed to make you feel privileged to live in a different venue.

Site 19 building blocks are designed with the three different image types. Big-L-style blocks and small parcels, encompassing the semi-private spaces to create a human scale and reach of these places are considered the ideal distance units. Five different parcels in different locations of the different needs that can host up (children’s playground, sports field, parking, etc.) and each living in a different image in a different way identification with place and aims to adopt. Almost all low-rise blocks to be positioned perpendicular to plot squares and take the light of the neighboring blocks is extremely important.